Smooth your hair without damaging it

It’s no secret that smoothing damages the hair. This for a very simple reason: healthy hair is perfectly hydrated hair. When they are smoothed, they are wedged between two hot plates that dry them. The hair is dehydrated and weakened. Fortunately, brands are in a constant quest for innovation and current technologies can work wonders. Smoothing your hair without damaging it is a real challenge, but there are many ways to keep your hair healthy.

Perform regular care
The care is the ba-ba of the hairstyle. For hair full of vitality, you have to feed them. Thus, perform care 2 to 3 times a week. You will need to leave them at least 20 minutes each time. If you can sleep with them and do not rinse them until morning, it’s even better. Care is applied to towel-dried hair (wet), points towards the roots. You can perform a massage with cranial to penetrate.

Do not straighten your hair every day with a hair straightener
Straightening irons are very effective, however they are the most aggressive smoothing method. If you really do not like your hair naturally, we advise you to smooth your hair once after having washed and perfectly dried. Then, for touch-ups, use a smoothing brush. Indeed, the smoothing brush does not stuck the hair between two hot plates. It is ideal for more natural smoothing and retouching. The market leader is the MadameParis brand. For example, you can try the Sofia Smoothing Brush , which offers an irreproachable and gentler brushing for the hair.

The importance of choosing a straightener
Smoothing your hair without damaging it is a challenge but it is not impossible. Of course, this requires careful maintenance, but a good device can greatly limit the damage. As we explain here , the material of the straightener plates is very important for the health of your hair. Rather than a conventional straightener, use the Best Flat Iron for fine hair . These are more respectful of the hair. In addition to smoothing them, they leave them soft and shiny.

smooth your hair without damaging it

How to smooth your hair with straighteners?

Adjusting the temperature of the hair straightener
If you want to smooth your hair without damaging it, the first thing to do is to choose the hair straightener and then know how to adjust the temperature. For the beauty and health of your hair, there is nothing better than appliances with an adjustable thermostat, they can adapt the heat to the nature of your hair. This ensures a perfect smoothing without attacking the hair fiber with a high temperature.

Smoothing wicks
Hair straightening is simple , you only have to proceed step by step by cutting your hair. Start by separating your locks from 2 to 3 cm with a bar, and start the smoothing by the neck. Next, take a 3 cm thick wick, untangle, pinch this wick between the straightener plates, and slide the appliance from the root to the tip while pressing lightly. If necessary, make a second pass. Do the same things until your hair is all smooth. Smoothing is not complicated, just follow these instructions.

Tips for extending the effects of smoothing
When you have finished straightening your hair, apply a product that helps hair styling: hairspray, oil, spray … It is necessary to have shiny hair and to prolong the duration of smoothing. Moreover, these products fix the smoothing and avoid ironing the plates too often.